1.Canada Tourist Visa

Canada is a magnificent country and a hotspot destination for worldwide tourists, workers, businessmen and students. The millions of visitors and immigrants travel Canada every year with their different goals, ambitions and future aspects. The diverse culture, favorable Government Policies, visionary leadership and ideal working, business and study environment suits the immigrants with different objectives and aspirations.

2.Canada Business Visa

The Canada Business Immigration Category of visas was designed to attract experienced business people to Canada. Successful candidates are those who can invest in Canada, start businesses in Canada and generate revenues and employment for Canadians. In 2013, over 9000 business migrants were allowed entry into Canada. In 2015-2016, the government target is to welcome a similar number of Canada business immigrants. In order to encourage the development of a strong, prosperous economic environment, the Canadian government seeks business people with sufficient business experience and the necessary assets.

3.Parents And Grandparent Visa

Parents and Grandparents super visa makes your parents to get Parents or Grandparents of people living in Canada as Canadian citizens or Permanent residents can visit them to meet and spend quality time on this visa which is called Super Visa. The visa is valid for 10 years and the applicant can stay for a period of 2 years each time without renewing the Visa within the span o 10 years.

4. Canada Working Holiday Visa

Canada Working Holiday Visa offers a short term holiday visa supported by authorization to work in order to support your holidays. Canada offers working holiday program through International Experience Canada (IEC) Visa. Both the visa category is for individuals of the countries with which government of Canada has agreement with to boost the exchange of heritage and to bind diverse nations of the world and endow the youth between the ages of 18-30 or 18-35 years depending on the nationality.